8 Tips To Take Care of Your Natural Hair

Can you not figure out why your hair is not growing? You have likely purchased the best shampoos and leave-in conditioners with hopes of keeping your hair from breaking. The good thing is that you are trying everything that you possibly can, however there are a few pointers you may be missing out on to help your hair reach a healthy growing state. 

If you take advantage of these tips, your hair will likely start growing much faster than you expected. 

1. Blow-drying your hair frequently will stress it. 

2. Instead, be gentle while drying your hair with a towel so as not to weaken and debilitate your strands. 

3. You should put a blend of castor, coconut and shea butter oils on your hair for 45 minutes before you wash it. This helps your hair and scalp absorb the oils which will keep your hair from being dry, give your scalp needed nourishment and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. 

4. Make sure that you do not go to sleep with your hair wet. This will weaken your hair and make it more likely to break. 

5. Deep condition your hair with natural oils and butters at least every two weeks.  This will keep your hair moisturized and healthy which helps with hair growth. 

6. Do not pack your hair too tightly. This will put a strain on your edges and cause them to break. 

7. Choose a range of natural hair care products when looking for your shampoos, conditioners and protein treatments. They generally contain a mix of ingredients that focus on keeping moisture in your hair. 

8. Most importantly, do not stress about your hair. Stress does not do you any good. Relax and enjoy your journey to a healthy glowing hair. You can even document your natural hair care journey to keep up with your progress. 

Lastly, eating right and getting good sleep are also essential to your hair growing!  Good luck!