Natural Hair Care Tips for Your Little Girl - Stay Away from Relaxers

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"Dealing with kinky hair is troublesome, tedious and causes a considerable amount of torment for my girl. That is the reason I relax her hair."

This is a reason used by numerous moms.

They say that to justify applying unsafe chemicals on the delicate heads of their little girls, not to point the finger at them, because they are speaking from experience.

They have most likely attempted to brush their little princesses' natural hair and it just brought about tons of tears from the little ladies, making the moms not want to do it any longer.

The fundamental issue here, however, is the way the hair was washed, the product that was used and how the hair is styled.

In this series, I am going to take you through how to avoid pain while keeping up your child’s natural hair with the goal that you won't need to apply any chemicals on that delicate little head which harms her wellbeing.

You may think the relaxers marked "kids' relaxers" are not too terrible, but newsflash - the same chemicals used for grown-up relaxers are the same ones found in kids' relaxers, just in a lesser concentration.

If it is strong enough to relax the hair, then it is strong enough to burn the scalp. If the chemical touches the scalp it has a greater chance of penetrating the skin since children’s scalps are much more sensitive than adult scalps.

I once applied the children’s version of a prominent relaxer brand and my scalp was burned with the alleged children’s milder relaxer.

Therefore, the terrible truth is, you are putting your little one's wellbeing at danger when you artificially change the composition of their hair.

Keeping The Length

Most young ladies' hair is very thin. There's a misguided belief that if the hair is kinky or coily, then it's tougher and can withstand anything.

The hair may actually be kinky, but its so thin that applying a relaxer will make the hair much thinner and keep it from growing past shoulder length, if at all.

As long as your child is in grade school, a relaxer is truly not good and when you learn simple and better techniques for dealing with your little girl's hair, you will see that your girl is better with her natural hair.

Do your research and gather some insight concerning the threats of hair relaxers on kids and you will be thankful that you did.